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Fire could’ve been a disaster had luck not played a role

There had already been a bad house fire on the Range this past week that ended up claiming the lives of two adults an

Senator Smith should look north as she heads to DC

When Al Franken announced his resignation from the U.S.

No to current ERCC plan to locate on school campus

There are two camps forming over the proposed Ely community recreation complex.

Does the school need a rec complex and/or vice versa?

There are two camps forming over the proposed Ely community recreation complex.

Loggers’ lawsuit should name governor, legislature as well

One of the legs is about to be kicked out of the three legged stool of taconite, timber and tourism.

Nolan walking the fine line in DC

Washington D.C. can’t be a fun place to be these days.

Hunting connects the generations

This week our Sports section includes a story on five female hunters getting their deer.

A Veterans Day Message from the VFW

A Veterans Day Message from the VFW

Burnout competition a welcome addition to Ely’s growing event lineup

If Ely is anything it is unique.

An apology that doesn’t hold water

A story in the New York Times Magazine has greatly damaged the anti-mining movement.

Rukavina’s still battling for school kids

The smallest guy left at the table hasn’t given up on doing what’s right for the school kids in Minnesota, but it app

Freedom to think looms large; It’s National Newspaper Week

With National Newspaper Week approaching - October 1-7, these are my relevant thoughts to note:

If you had a million dollars, would you spend it on faster internet?

Faster internet can be just a pipe dream for people who live outside the Ely city limits.

Local taxpayers shouldn’t always have to pick up the tab

Sitting on the edge of a national wilderness, local taxpayers are all too well aware of having to pick up the tab.



Life skills still needed

When students first enter the Independent School District 696 as a kindergarten student, they are taught skills they

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