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A few fast fish facts for area lakes

They’re out there! Wily walleyes, nasty northerns, lunker lake trout and scrappy smallmouth!

OCF epidemic strikes Ely

All you had to do was check any of the local boat landings to see that there were epidemic-like signs of OCF on the f

Birdshot and backlashes - Bait

Live BaitMost of us started out fishing with live bait on a hook.

Ely area primed for opener

Pack your rain gear and don’t forget your life jacket, the forecast calls for a typical fishing opener this weekend:

Birdshot and backlashes

The L.L. Bean catalogs are always fascinating. We don’t buy a lot of stuff from L.L.

New walleye regulations for several area lakes

Several lakes in Northeast Minnesota will have new special walleye regulations starting this spring that are designed

Birdshot and backlashes Spring

Even though a person knows it is coming, the sheer magnificence of spring is breathtaking when it arrives.

Prime time for Lyme, health officials warn

It’s almost May, the weather’s turning warmer, and more Minnesotans are venturing outdoors.

Birdshot and backlashes - fishing records

World record fish have always been a problem.

Getting ready for the walleye fishing opener

Let's see now, bullet weights, standing sinkers, rattle-bug, spiderwire, sun tan lotion, life jacket, hook remov

Dip into Angler’s readership

Fishing opener is May 13 and there’s still time to get a spot in the North Country Angler, Ely’s foremost outdoor new

Birdshot and backlashes - timber controversy

One thing about writing for a newspaper. Everybody gets to read what you wrote.

Logging a big part of USFS Echo Trail EIS

The U.S.

Bear hunt application deadline approaching

The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) will accept applications for the 2006 Minnesota black bear huntin

Birdshot and backlashes

Where the Shagawa River makes its bends into Winton, the ice is gone, the sun is shining on the riffles and a half do

Clean your feeders to keep birds healthy

It’s spring, a time when birds are moving from wintering areas to summer nesting spots.

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