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Hook and bullet club

Ruffed grouse season is just around the corner but the forecast does not look good, again.

Crappies starting to heat up, smallies still hitting strong

The idea of fishing for crappies when the temperature was over 90 degrees didn’t sound too appealing.

Birdshot and backlashes

$176,026,493. That’s one hundred sixty seven million, twenty six thousand four hundred ninety three bucks.

Hook and bullet club

The new Minnesota deer hunting regulations are out and the changes for 2005 really don’t affect our area directly.The

Smallmouth bass are still hitting live bait in area lakes

Now that Mother Nature has turned the furnace off for awhile, we can put the tubes and water skis away for a while an

Birdshot and backlashes by Bob Cary

The BWCAW Visitor’s Permit was numbered 147384.

Catch and release fishing alive and well in Ely, Minn.

Temperatures in the 90-plus degree range may have baked a few fishermen, but the entries keep rolling in for the 2005

Birdshot and backlashes

They are peeking out from under the green bushes like clumps of turquoise beads. Blueberries. Ripe blueberries.

Hook and bullet club

I don’t know what kind of tourist town Ely will be five, 10 or 15 years from now but I would bet there will be more t

Big smallmouth bass and northern pike in fish parade

In the world of smallmouth bass fishing, at least in this neck of the woods a 20-incher is a very nice fish.

Birdshot and backlashes

It is the Drive Careful time of summer.

Hook and bullet club

Laying in the middle of Highway 21 just south of the transfer station last week was a roadkill deer.Looking as if at

Get your line in the water, whopper walleyes awaiting

Somebody must have turned the walleye switch on because a boatload of nice entries came in this week to the North Cou

Birdshot and backlashes

Once upon a time, about 65 years ago, no serious walleye fisherman ever ventured forth on northern waters without his

Hook and bullet club

That’s it. I’ve had enough of summer.

Storms slow fishing action but big pike and walleyes gotta eat!

This past week it felt more like August with storm systems rolling through the area, uprooting trees and damaging pro

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