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Hook and bullet club - Kettle Falls trip

“I got a bite,” I said, watching my line moving through the water.

Cool weather good for crappies

Following what seemed like a monsoon season in the Ely area, fishing was picking up again after nearly four days of r

Birdshot and backlashes - Who are environmentalists?

There may not be much more entertaining theater than that which goes on with our natural resources.

Hook and bullet club - Going fishin’

The fishing was good on Rainy Lake, it was the getting there that was difficult.Mike e-mailed me last week and asked

Catch and release catching on

Catch and Release fishing is catching on nicely in the Ely area and some real big fish were released in this week’s e

Birdshot and backlashes - Antarctica

All of us concerned with our environment, its natural assets, fish and wildlife, are pretty well aware of work being

Hook and bullet club - BB guns

We had looked for a BB gun at Christmas time but the model I wanted was sold out wherever we looked.

Crappies turn on in area lakes

Shhh. Don’t tell anyone…the crappies are hitting.

Hook and bullet club - Tired bad luck

Trailer tires and I just do not have a good working relationship right now.

Big walleyes gobbling bait

When you hear a fisherman complaining because all he’s catching is five pound walleyes and he couldn’t catch any “eat

Birdshot and backlashes - Catch and release

Next to the creation of electronic fish locators or depth sounders, the most important development in sport fishing o

Birdshot and backlashes - Turtles

It is turtle time.They are loafing in the sun on logs, rocks and beaches.

Hook and bullet club - A family day at the lake

The winds were calm, the temperature was up and the sky was blue. Fishing? Nah.

Fishing red hot in Ely area

Pick a species and we’ve got some whoppers entered in the North Country Angler this week.

Birdshot and backlashes: Pocketing a couple books

Not everything involved with cold, windy and wet weather is bad.

Hook and bullet club: Choosing the big buck

Busted. Troy saw my column on the trail cameras and sent me his response.

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