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Packages keep piling up at Zup’s

Ely Echo - Staff Photo

by Parker Loew

A pile of boxes inside Zup’s Liquor Store has accumulated as people have repeatedly left the wrong type of packages at the designated UPS drop-off station.

Zup’s only accepts UPS Ground packages, but packages intended for USPS, FedEx, and UPS international and air are being left in the entryway of the liquor store.

“This has been going on for a long time,” said Judy Meagher, an employee at Zup’s Liquor Store. “People drop off their USPS and FedEx packages here that UPS can’t do anything with.”

Meagher sometimes generously brings the incorrect packages to the correct places in town, such as USPS boxes or FedEx drop-off spots, but she often doesn’t have time, and sometimes there are packages USPS and FedEx don’t accept.

“Some of these packages have been here awhile. I don’t know what to do with them because they are labeled incorrectly. Some are meant to be brought to an actual UPS or FedEx store, which we don’t have in town,” she said.

Zup’s applied for a USPS drop-off box at their store around two and a half years ago, but nothing has come of the request as of yet.

“We applied for a USPS mailbox in front of this store before we started construction on the store,” said store manager Jimmy Zupancich.

Zupancich told the USPS he was willing to even go and pick up the USPS box and install it himself.

“I think when you’re working with the government, it takes two to three years before things start happening, so hopefully something happens soon,” he said. “I told them I could just go move one in town over here, but they said you can’t do that because it’s a federal offense.”

In the meantime, Zupan-cich and Meagher ask people to please bring packages to the correct drop-off locations in town.

There is currently a shopping cart full of USPS, FedEx, and UPS air and international packages sitting in the entryway of Zup’s Liquor Store.

If you think one of these packages may be yours, please pick it up and deliver it to the correct drop-off location.

Packages that sit in Zup’s Liquor Store for more than 30 days are considered abandoned packages, and the store can do with them as they please.

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