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Root Beer lady musical gains momentum

Root Beer Lady the Musical is moving forward in its production schedule toward its Sept. 7 opening night at Ely’s Historic State Theater.

“The production has many moving parts,” said playwright Barb Cary Hall. “But the level of commitment and enthusiasm among the cast and company is amazing. It’s a different musical than it was eight years ago. We have new characters and a couple of new songs but our vision is the same: to share Dorothy Molter’s inspiring story to a larger audience through entertainment.”

Rehearsal of choreography, led by Johnnie Hyde, will culminate in a video being created at the Tofle Lake Center by Birch Bay Studios to be used as a working tool for the musical.

The cast of 10 is locked in for the production and are hard at work learning lines and lyrics.

Andy Hill, who recreates Jackpine Bob Cary as the narrator, is honored to play the part of his longtime friend and mentor.

“I’ve never done anything like this before, but I’ve been inspired by all the plays and performances I have attended over many years in Ely,” said Hill. “Folks don’t realize the amount of time and effort that goes into being a part of something like this so I figure it’s my turn to give back to the local arts community in return for all the entertainment they’ve given me.”

Root Beer Lady the Musical is slated for Sept. 7-10 at Ely’s Historic State Theater. Tickets available at

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