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‘Root Beer Lady – the Musical’ returns to Ely

Preparations for the return of ‘Root Beer Lady – the Musical’ have begun with generous support from Ely and the northern Minnesota arts community.

Large grants from the Donald G. Gardner Trust and Arrowhead Regional Arts Council along with generous donations from local citizens has allowed BottleCap Volunteer Productions to bring the musical to Ely’s Historic State Theater in September of this year.

Last produced in the summer of 2017 at Washington Auditorium, it was deemed an overwhelming success which uniquely promoted the town of Ely, the Dorothy Molter Museum and introduced a larger audience to the area.

“We are thrilled to learn this musical is coming back and even happier to have it occurring during our Harvest Moon Festival in September this year. Just another great reason to visit Ely!” said Eva Sebesta, head of the Ely Chamber of Commerce.

‘Root Beer Lady-the Musical’ is based on the book ‘Root Beer Lady’ by Bob Cary. The script and score were created by Bob’s daughter.

“I’m excited to be bringing back this passion project of mine that has brought so many people so much pleasure,” said Barb Cary Hall, the playwright and Ely resident recently. “Over the last two years, I’ve fine-tuned the production by changing out songs and adding new characters to create a high quality theatrical production that is both entertaining and enriching for all ages.”

Through song, dance and narration, ‘Root Beer Lady-the Musical’ offers a window into the life of Dorothy Molter, a local inspirational woman who was the last non-indigenous person to live in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Featuring an ‘all local’ cast and company, the musical is being produced by local non-profit BottleCap Volunteer Productions.

Tickets can be purchased in advance on Ely’s Historic State Theater web page ( for evening and matinee shows: Sept 7-10.

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