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Skraba co-authors bills on mental health care

State Representative Roger Skraba, R-Ely, has co-authored several bills aimed at improving access to mental health care services across Minnesota. This was a top issue for Rep. Skraba while running for office and has emerged as a significant priority during his time serving in the legislature.

“During my short time as a legislator, this issue has quickly become one of the most important as I receive dozens if not hundreds, of calls, texts, and emails every week about mental health care access,” said Skraba. “We all know someone that has suffered from mental illness and we understand the impacts that it can have on family and friends. As a society, we need to continue to make investments and improvements to mental health care to make sure those in need have access to the help they deserve.”

A sample of mental health care bills that Skraba has signed include:

• House File 3135 would provide funding for behavioral health crisis facilities across Minnesota. These facilities would provide care directly to those in the community that have mental health care needs.

• House File 3134 establishes a grant program to fund mental health treatment services for current and former law enforcement officers, correctional officers, and 911 telecommunicators who have employment-related mental health conditions. We know that emergency services workers have disproportionately higher rates of mental health challenges compared to the general public because of the nature of their work. This bill helps take care of those that protect us.

“It is my commitment to work tirelessly to support folks struggling with mental health-related issues and for people who are less fortunate in our society,” said Skraba.

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