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Snowmobile safety training class held in Ely for 20 youth

Lead Summary

Twenty youth from the Ely area and beyond participated in a full day of Snowmobile Safety Training on Feb. 8 at Vermilion Community College.
These avid young snowmobilers arrived in the morning and were led through classroom instruction by Conservation Officer Sean Williams and Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club members Dave Marshall and Mike Banovetz. Also assisting with the class was Ely Police Officer Adam Borchert.
After a Sir G’s pizza lunch provided by the Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club, the group headed outside to take part in the field portion of the course involving a pre-trip check of a snowmobile and operation of a snowmobile through a driving course.
Volunteers assisting in this portion of the training included Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club members Alan White, Dave Johnson, and groomer operator Corey Keene.
Ely firefighters Scott Polyner and Jay Poshak also helped set the course and guide students through it.
The VCC practice football field had been packed using a groomer by the Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club earlier in the week to assist in setting the course in the deep snow.
All 20 students demonstrated proficiency in snowmobile operation and learned some great tips on how to enjoy the sport safely.
Students who participated in the class from Ely include Max Brandriet, Kamryn Bregier-Beno, Jack Davies, Cylvia DeBeltz, Brady Eaton, Kiarstin Eaton, Peyton Erzar-Tyndall, Addison Forsman, Clayton Forsman, Hunter Halbakken, Andrew Johnson, Bria Marshall, Landon Smith-Keen, and Wyatt Tedrick. Tuuli Koivisto, Aubree Minier, and Lewey Powell travelled over from Babbitt and Noah Berrini came from Mountain Iron. Gabriel Duran-Moeller attended the class from Ramsey and Elena Romano came up from Minneapolis.
Special thanks go out to the instructors and volunteers, the Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club for sponsoring the training, Sir G’s for the excellent lunch, and Vermilion Community College for hosting the class.
Be sure to congratulate these young snowmobilers when you see them out on the trail!

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