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Thankful When The Window Opens

by Bill Tefft

Nov. 22 – Thanksgiving Eve and a window has opened to answer the question, “What am I thankful for?” It’s the window that enables me to see something unexpected, sought after, unappreciated, misunderstood, etc.

Thanksgiving will arrive tomorrow with a greater trust that windows can open and provide something needed. Sometimes a window seems impossible to open. Other times the openings require investment, elbow grease, assistance, changed attitude, new perspectives or a combination of these and others working together.

Thanksgiving provides the perfect opportunity to reflect within the November window of events. Living through this change in the seasons in northern Minnesota prepares all life forms to observe, consider, and adapt to the changes occurring in the world. If not firsthand, those occurrences are shared. Something realized or experienced for the first time, now provides insight that may shape the future.

Walking before or after a Thanksgiving get-together can build richness from thoughts and reflection on the recent experiences that illuminate November for you and others. In the holiday hustle and bustle, there is much to think about, but these thoughts are generated in part from a walk through a brushy, non-trail, around a wetland.

It seems like a window opened when looking down to find a way through thick brush. It was a two-way window. An opening in the November stems and leaves framed a snowshoe hare. We both froze for time looking at each other. I had enough time to dig in my pocket, extract a camera, and take its picture.

Viewing the image and thinking of the hare may have been a small occurrence. But I realized that the hare had changed color, the ground wasn’t snow colored, and changes didn’t provide camouflage. This window allowed a view that I had not expected or seen before.

Walking in natural areas often provides experiences of this nature. I am thankful at Thanksgiving and the end of 2023 and 2024 that by paying attention to nature and world happenings, windows can be opened to many benefits.

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