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Trout Whisperer - And another thing, when does mouse become mice??

There’s a Minnesota deer mouse, a white footed mouse and a meadow jumping mouse whose name I like the best, but the length of tail kinda creeps me out.

Deer mouse and white footed to me are tied for cuteness, as long as they abide by the rule. I only have one mouse rule, they can have the rest of the planet, the deer shack, the outhouse, but not in our home, so if one is about, trapping in earnest occurs until the offending mouse has been ousted. And I don’t live trap mice, period.

Now the little deer mouse who has taken up residence in the outhouse I’ve grown fond of this fall. I go in to do my business, and sometimes he or she is doing hers, and by that I mean sitting in the corner, not a care in the world seemingly with me there as it chews toilet paper off a roll, stuffs its cheeks, the mouse must have a dry set of choppers. I think, or does it dry the paper out later? I just don’t know.

It departs, and in what seems like no time at all it’s back for another mouthful. So how far away is the mouse house? How cozy does a mouse make it? When does a mouse say, okay, that’s enough?

From a roll I leave out of the metal can just for the little adorable black eyed critter to make use of, and by the end of deer season, the only thing left on the floor was the cardboard roll.

Not sure what the winter will hold, not sure if Charmin is the mouse’s first choice, but, that’s what we had on hand, and what it mouthed and munched off with.

Such is life with all these little mouse mysteries.


- The Trout Whisperer

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