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Trout Whisperer - Bigfoot updates from the boreal forest

Bigfoot updates from the boreal forest, December 2023, all members present.

Living in the boreal forest one can’t help but listen to the rumors of mountainous cougar lions now roaming north of the 47°N latitude and bigfoot was just positively seen.

Sorry about no photo, over by the palisades or did you hear about the logger who saw a wolverine up off the grade?

We think the mountain lion stories are in first place so far this winter, we even heard that a surveyor thought he saw not one, but three sasquatches or bigfoots. The one in back he said was massive, but that they were all really big anyhow and he was wondering if maybe they migrated, several of us are now wondering that too.

Been quite a bit of talk of us all getting together do some snowshoeing. We thought it best to wait until after the full moon. You know how some folks get scared with one of them looming overhead. So once the snow is deep enough, maybe if we’re lucky, we’ll get on to a track, solve some of these woodland mysteries for ourselves.

But, then, like anything else, it occurred to us, having never seen a bigfoot track before. Could any of us, would we even have a clue about what to look for? Like how many toes? Do they even have toes or toenails. Would they show up in snow? Do bigfoots go white like weasels or snowshoe hares? Do bigfoot feet have snowshoed feet in winter? Is that why they’re so hard to track and see?

Well, if any of you do see one, let us know, would you, as soon as possible?

Fresh tracks are easier to follow. And thanks.


- The Trout Whisperer

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