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Voyageur North Outfitters Weekly Fishing Report

by Tanner Spicer

Summer in Ely is in full swing, our day time highs have remained primarily in the low to mid 80’s and night time lows hanging in the mid 50’s. Many of our area lakes are sporting surface temperatures on the low 60’s. The temperatures and humidity produced a healthy crop of biting flies and mosquitoes, so no matter where you go fishing or how the fish bite is, be prepared for the bug bite.

Walleyes are being found in multiple tiers of the water column. Some fishermen are reporting success trolling Rapala’s and Shad Raps in 8 to 10 feet of water. Jigs and spinners tipped with a minnow, or a leech are continuing to produce in depth of 8 – 10 feet and 15 – 20 feet. As the water temperature climbs, leeches will begin producing better and better. With the recent rain fall on Tuesday night and more in the forecast for the next couple of days, night crawlers on a crawler harness / spinner, a jig or slip bobber should also trigger some strikes.

Smallmouth bass and panfish have moved to shallow water. Top water baits like Whopper Ploppers are proving effective for the bass. Plastics worked as Wacky Rigs in the shallows are another great way to target the smallmouth. Crappies are still liking feathered jigs tipped with a leech or crappie minnow. You can also keep it simple with a simple hook, minnow, leech or crawler under a bobber in water 8 foot or less.

Northern pike are still busy hunting the shallows and are readily striking crank baits, Mepps and spoons and the like, or larger sucker minnows, (if you can find them). Many folks are finding northern while they are targeting smallmouth.

Lake trout are still deep, 20 – 40 feet. Use a larger Little Cleo spoon, Dr Spoon or large hair jigs tipped with a frozen smelt. Trolling a Mepps or Salmo is also effective.

Stream trout continue to be quite active. Simple is still best, a night crawler on a plain hook under a bobber. But casting a smaller Mepps or Salmo can be quite effective as well.

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