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...we have a special group of village volunteers.

Dear Editor:
“It takes a village” and we have a special group of village volunteers.
The “Whiteside Bloomers” have stepped up again this year to maintain the gardens at the park.
Before the garden club disbanded this small group struggled to raise funds and attract more members, have meetings and work inover 12 areas around the city.
Unwilling to fully give up on the gardens this group continues with a variety of support.
The Highway 169 entrance sign was designed and is maintained by Ely Flower & Seed.
The Highway 21 sign has been maintained for a few years by Sharon Anderson.
This year Old Truck Greenhouse donated annuals to brighten the area.
The Highway 1 sign has also been maintained the last few years by “Bloomers” and the Old Truck Greenhouse also donated annuals for that area.
Whiteside Park has two gardens maintained by this group.
The city supports us with dirt / mulch and planting purchases. There are a few times we get city workers to help with the mulch and digging needed.
Many thanks to our group over the last few years. Liz Schendel and Norma Leino lead us in the design and plantings for the gardens.
Liddy Shepherd and Pat Miller are tireless and dependable workers. We rely on Jane Hall for watering needs.
Joyce Passenati, Cathy Vanderboom and Linda Ganister love to weed. Sandra Lee has helped often in the summer.
Kathryn Farion runs arounds hoping to keep it all “afloat.”
Many thanks to all the help over the last few years.
Come visit us every Tuesday at 9 a.m. and take time to “smell the flowers.”
Enjoy the gardens,
Whiteside Bloomers

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