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What’s your shack story?

Lead Summary

In northern Minnesota, people’s lives and summer vacations are centered around “the Cabin.” The cabin is the scene of summer dreams, walks in the woods and interaction with water.
Families gather, bond, mark the growth of each family member. And when they head home, the cabin is closed up and secured for the next year and other visits.
But what of the “Shack”? Once the domain of males only during hunting season, it appears to have evolved into something else. Year round it appeals to a different inner spirit. It’s a refuge. The ultimate (man) cave, no matter who enjoys it.
The Echo would like to delve into that mystique. We’d like to find out if any part of the shack experience can be isolated in words.
This doesn’t have to be fancy words. Not even perfect sentences. We’ll accept answers that are a bit on the rustic, backwoods style of those folks who are plain speaking and plain writing. Throw in a bunch of bragging and whatever else needed.

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