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MN Design Team’s visit to Ely: Big picture ideas but some missing

The visit of the Minnesota Design Team generated a good amount of interest in the community.

Sertich is right, tourism and mining can co-exist and Ely is living proof

At a forum on mining last week there was a question asked on how some people can think  tourism and mining are on equ

Forest Service could save money, continue to educate BWCA users

The U.S.

If you’re looking for a barometer on Ely’s prosperity, look in the stands

The opinion pages in the Ely Echo have been lively with plenty of back and forth on how Ely is doing and in what dire

With 30,000 Minnesota jobs at risk…

by Wayne E.

Connecting communities

Plans for the Prospectors Loop ATV trail continue to advance.

Returning Ely to its mining roots

Ely’s mining history would awaken from a 47-year slumber under Twin Metals Minnesota’s $2.7 billion copper-nickel min

Foreign journalists visit make Ely unique

An event Monday is a perfect example of what makes Ely a unique place to live.

A story seldom told indeed

The thousands of people who visit the BWCA and Quetico are largely oblivious to the history that made those areas wha

Ely’s elected officials deserve a raise

It’s never easy to talk about raising your own pay, especially when you’re an elected official.

Life without a bathroom, part II

The saga of life without a bathroom at the Ely Echo office had hopefully reached a conclusion following a full day of

Life without a bathroom

This is part one of a two part opinion piece.

When the flag comes marching by, the 4th of July crowd in Ely roars

There was a moment on the 4th of July in Ely, Minnesota when it felt very special to be a United States citizen.

Do the math, administration costs at ISD 696 are too high

With the loss of yet another member of the administrative staff at the Ely school district, the board has an opportun

LETTER TO THE EDITOR: ... it’s time Minnesota starts charging the parties being rescued

Dear Editor,

Rescuers are to be thanked, but there’s a cost for every response

Headlines were made when eight canoeists had to be rescued from the BWCA.

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