Board will use the results to construct questions for a bond referendum

To the taxpayers and patrons of ISD #696:
In September, a community-wide survey will go out by email and US Post to give all taxpayers/voters and other constituents of Independent School District #696 the opportunity to weigh in on potential school facility improvements. You are likely aware that many separate options are on the table. We invite you to complete the survey and indicate which improvements, and how much of a tax increase, you would support.
The information you provide will be analyzed by School Perceptions, a company that specializes in constructing surveys of this kind and compiling the data into a statistically accurate recommendation. The School Board will use the results to construct questions for a bond referendum that could be held in February or April of 2020.
The board will hold public information sessions prior to a vote.


...the new law changes the American Legion’s eligibility dates

Attention: All veterans
Great news:
President Trump signed into law the LEGION Act (Let Everyone Get Involved in Opportunities for National Service). The new Law changes The American Legion’s eligibility dates to now be open to all those who served during WWI and all veterans since Dec 7th 1941 with at least one day of honorable federal service.
Minnesota’s own Past National Commander Dan Ludwig, from Red Wing Post 54, was witness to and was a leading influence in getting this historic piece of bipartisan legislation passed. We welcome with open arms ALL of our fellow Veterans along with their families to be a part of The American Legion family!


Should have been in held in the “sunset” room

The class of 1949 held their 70 year reunion on July 27th at the Grand Ely Lodge. A classmate wryly observed that is should have been in held in the “sunset” room not the “sunrise” room.
This landmark event was the 20th consecutive annual class reunion with our close knit group starting with the 50th in 1999. In addition, there were several other reunions starting with the 10th in 1959.
The 15 classmates in attendance were Doris (Lammi) Eisenhart, Dom Elioff, Josie (Lunka) Elioff, Lorry (Banovetz) Glum, Maxine (Kovach) Jacks, Sheldon Klobuchar, Mary Ellen (Kleemola) Levander, Laverne (Anderson) Lindholm, Joan (Nelson) Lunth, Bob Maki, Tom Markson, Honey (Yadlosky) Nickolson, Karl Rukavina, Beverly (Viste) Wiermaa, and Betty Ann (Tjader) Zorman.
In conclusion, we are grateful for the school system which provided a great education and many fond memories.
Bob Maki
Class of 1949


Twin Metals decision to switch to dry stack tailings method means any sulfur/sulfide is nearly non-existent while dam failure is officially non-existent

by Bob Colombo
July 18 changed the landscape for non-ferrous mining in the Arrowhead. An innocuous sentence in our morning Facebook page simply said; “TMM to use Dry Stack Tailings.” I read it and whispered to no one, Thank you Jesus and Kelly Osborne. The importance of that sentence is huge.
World-wide there are 3,700 earthen dams in the mining industry. Chile alone has 740 dams and most of them are sitting over, or near, one of the most active earthquake faults in the world. In the last four years, I’ve have been witness to two major dam blowouts in Brazil. They were iron mines in the state of Minas Gerais and both are little more than an hour away from my home. Is it any wonder why new methods of dealing with tailings have been a hot-button issue for years? Tailings dams are basically the world’s biggest mud puddles with the consistency of wet cement.


On PolyMet: Enough of the fake news already

The claims by metro legislators and anti-mining groups about PolyMet Mining are downright fabrications. It is very disappointing that people don’t know or don’t care what our strong rules and regulations require, and that the media continues to perpetuate the misinformation. The people of the Iron Range deserve better. The people of the state of Minnesota deserve better. There is no scandal. The agencies have done their jobs. The letter of the law was followed to a “T”. Enough of the fake news already. Here are the facts:
Fact: Our DNR required PolyMet Mining to post bankruptcy proof of financial assurance (only accessible by the DNR) before they even issued PolyMet’s permit to mine. It doesn’t matter who or what the ownership looks like the resources needed to close the mine if the company went bankrupt are currently in place and only the state can release the funds.


...what a memorable day it is for me

Letter to the Editor:
A heartfelt thank you to the town of Ely, MN.
June 22-29, 2019 marked the first ever Midwest PVA Fishing Event. (PVA stands for Paralyzed Veterans of America.)
Approximately 20 paralyzed veterans, 15 of their caregivers and 21 staff volunteers made the trip to Veterans on the Lake Resort in beautiful Ely, MN for a week-long rehabilitation event.
Veterans on the Lake Resort and Britton’s Café were our main facility providers (Britton’s Café catered all of the meals), but the entire town of Ely made this a trip to remember for these veteran heroes and their caregivers.
Bonnie Jacobson at Britton’s Café raised money for our event.
Veterans on the Lake and Bonnie gathered items from local business for swag bags for all in attendance. Veterans on the Lake provided each and every veteran and caregiver with a rod /reel combination.


Overall hue of our community is a little duller now with the loss of Jim Maki

James R. Maki 1948-2019 TGO
The overall hue of our community is a little duller now. The loss of Jim Maki pales our spirit. Jim was bright and colorful and no one who encountered him would fail to be impressed.
Jim lived in Ely his entire 70 years except for three years when he served in the US Army. In the Army he became a paratroop and MP. Back in Ely after his service, Jim became a millwright and worked in the iron mining industry. An energetic and productive guy, he created The Great Outdoors shop on Sheridan Street and ran it for over 30 years. He became literally synonymous with the store and he acquired the nickname “TGO.”
In the shop, Jim delivered fishing and outdoor gear advice sprinkled with social and political commentary From his forum at the map desk, he opined with zeal and without ambiguity. It has been noted that Jim may not always have been right, but he was always sure.


...we have a special group of village volunteers.

Dear Editor:
“It takes a village” and we have a special group of village volunteers.
The “Whiteside Bloomers” have stepped up again this year to maintain the gardens at the park.
Before the garden club disbanded this small group struggled to raise funds and attract more members, have meetings and work inover 12 areas around the city.
Unwilling to fully give up on the gardens this group continues with a variety of support.
The Highway 169 entrance sign was designed and is maintained by Ely Flower & Seed.
The Highway 21 sign has been maintained for a few years by Sharon Anderson.
This year Old Truck Greenhouse donated annuals to brighten the area.
The Highway 1 sign has also been maintained the last few years by “Bloomers” and the Old Truck Greenhouse also donated annuals for that area.
Whiteside Park has two gardens maintained by this group.


Observing ther U.S. flag

Dear Editor,
I would like to use this column to remind my fellow Elyites and folks in the area of a troubling trend that myself and others have noticed of late.
As a member of the Ely Area Honor Guard, a Veteran, and other organizations, it’s been noticed that folks seem to have forgotten the proper etiquette when the American Flag is presented. This could be at a parade, funeral, or a ceremony, indoors or outside.
Below is information taken from a few different websites, they say the same things in different ways.
In a nutshell, when the flag passes stop what you’re doing, remove your headgear, stand up, pay attention, and be quiet.
I would make the argument clapping, and cheering is acceptable after the flag passes you.
Below is information taken from a few different websites, they are all same the same information, in different ways.


Community support required to inspire future generations of Army leaders

“Thank you for your service.” As a U.S. Army Soldier living in Forest Lake, I am grateful for these words, which I hear often when wearing my uniform in this community.
What many people do not understand is that I am the one who is thankful.
I am thankful for the camaraderie, the global understanding, the commitment made to me and my family, and the opportunity to dedicate every day to the people of this country.
I am thankful for the education and cost-free healthcare I receive, the worldwide experiences I have had, the technical skills I have learned, and the opportunity to be a leader in the most trusted organization in the nation.
I am thankful to be part of history. This week the Army celebrates 244 years of dedicated service. Generations of Soldiers have inspired professionalism, honorable service and a commitment to the common good. For this, I am proud to call myself a Soldier.


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