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…can the current U. S. Forest Service employees knowingly renege on a 1965 finalized land exchange by creating a new set of government documents

To the Editor:

Sunny skies, spring finally here?

Has there been a more difficult April to be in Ely?

Editorial: Symposium ignores Pagami facts will lessons ever be learned?

On April 13, at a symposium titled Pagami Creek Fire: Lessons Learned, the Forest Service failed to acknowledg

Letter: …finding me unresponsive and too far gone for emergency sugar

Letter to the Editor:

Missing in action: Spring season

We lost something this past week in Ely: Spring.

LETTER: …the upcoming drag event in Ely is a grooming event

Dear Editor:

Are drag shows harmless?

EDITORIAL: If Pagami is to be discussed, let’s make sure the facts are on the table

We’re coming up on a dozen years since the Pagami Fire burned over 92,000 acres in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

EDITORIAL: Movie being filmed here will be a shoulder season financial boost

Elsewhere in this week’s edition, you can read about one heck of a unique happening in Ely.

Bonding bill could be a boon for the area but it’s tied to Social Security

A pair of freshmen legislators from northeast Minnesota have found a way to bring home the bacon to their district.

Editorial: Happy Days change to a childrcare center helps solve community needs

What was once known as a nursery school will now by a childcare center.

LETTER:…you want a “prove it first” example of mining in a water rich environment?

Letter to the Editor:

State champ! Zoe Devine’s win highlights Ely’s sports successes

Tiny Ely is once again on the statewide sports map, thanks to an extraordinarily talented and undeniably dedicated hi

Letter: …clearly enjoying themselves at the theater and other locations around town

Dear Editor:

Letter: …Why is that these people should hole up in their houses and use these products?

To the Editor

They are not bears!

LETTER: …while I will be just fine without my job, 49 of my colleagues likely will not

Dear Editor,

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