From the miscellaneous drawer

I’m lucky. I work at a job that I love with some of the nicest, brightest people I know. <BR><BR>It’s a pleasure to come to work and do work which is meaningful to me and to the community of readers and advertisers.<BR><BR>If there were more time in my week and more energy in my 68 year old body, I’d love to do more. Write more. Take more photos. Interview more people. Delve into more issues. <BR><BR>I’m lucky because I found the joy of newspaper work before my working life was over. It seems it was just beginning when I started at the Echo not quite 30 years ago.<BR><BR>The obituaries which are sent in the newsletter from our newspaper association indicate that newspaper people lead long lives. Most of them are writing almost to the end of their life at age 80 or 90.


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