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Broadband needs to move forward

There has been an extensive study. There are numerous examples of below par service.

Developing a more effective flu vaccine

by Senator Amy Klobuchar -

... there was no need for the study initiated by Tidwell in 2014


Stauber starts off on right foot

When Pete Stauber announced he was going to run for Rep.

Wolf management is a disaster

The federal government has made a mess of trying to manage gray wolves.

Use your voice, take advantage of your right, and get out and vote

Minnesotans, particularly on the Iron Range and especially in the Ely area, don’t need much prodding to exercise thei

Nolan: Stage is set to advance our restore Democracy revolution

Now more than ever, our Nation’s future depends on overturning the U.S.

Election aftermath: split decision ensures more of the same

Election Day has come and gone and we’re thrilled to see the extraordinary interest in the Ely area - where turnout w

Bad week for Radinovich, but will Stauber blow it with e-mail coverup?

Few if any candidates for Congress in Minnesota, or anywhere in the country for that matter, had a worse week that Jo

Lesser-known broadband policy leaves rural areas out

by Johnathan Hladik, policy director
Center for Rural Affairs

Keeping peace and civility in mind as we publicly debate

This past week the national stage was filled with debate over whether or not to confirm a new Supreme Court justice.

BWCA online reservation system is doomed to fail

The U.S.

Fewer students magnifies need for jobs, and an attractive campus

It’s not time to push the panic button or set off any alarms, but news from the Ely School District this week should

Trump delivers on promise to cancel mineral withdrawal

President Donald Trump came through on a promise to cancel a mineral withdrawal for northeast Minnesota instituted by

Hunting’s new problems: West Nile virus and CWD

Hunters in Minnesota have already got enough problems.

Election by the parties gets overruled by the people

The rules governing a primary election are written by and for the two major political parties.

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