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Election by the parties gets overruled by the people

The rules governing a primary election are written by and for the two major political parties.

Fighting fires, fighting cancer

by Senator Amy Klobuchar -

Let’s take the politics and special interest groups out of the classroom

We’re concerned about another effort to push political agendas in Minnesota classrooms.

Take the suggestion and hire a pro to steer school building project

We’ve watched for several months as the Ely School Board has wrestled with, and really struggled with, plans for a ma

Fixing a mistake with a concrete saw will return much needed parking spots

We fully support a move to return parking spaces on Sheridan Street that shouldn’t have been removed in the first pla

Commentary: Two problems, one result

by Anne Swenson

Picking blueberries comes with some potential downfalls

If you like to pick blueberries, the woods are now full of them.

Many politicians conspicuously absent from Ely’s 4th of July parade

Election year or not, politicians have traditionally seemed to find Ely on their calendar when it comes to Fourth of

United: If you have time to spare, travel by air

Ely Echo Editorial Un“ited: If you have time
to spare, travel by air
by Nick Wognum

Elections are the final poll

We’re heading into prime time for the political season with a highly contested primary August 14 and a mid-term gener

Political season in full swing

A series of surprising events last weekend led to a crazy week for statewide offices in the state of Minnesota.

...there are no shortcuts to opening a mine


Governor’s veto puts stamp on a failure to communicate

What we have at the end of the 2018 legislative session is a major failure to communicate.

Sunny day, perfect scene show importance of recreation assets

The sun was shining late Wednesday afternoon and temperatures were more summer-like than spring.

Ely Echo Guest Editorial: Supporting a free and open internet

by Senator Amy Klobuchar

Alumni and more give $91,000 to Ely’s graduating class of 2018

The number is staggering.

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