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Paying tribute on Memorial Day

by Senator Amy Klobuchar

Why the federal government renewed Twin Metals Minnesota mineral leases

by Assistant Secretary for Land
and Minerals Management Joe Balash

LETTER: ...we need our own supply pipeline with unrestricted access to all critical materials and metals

Dear Editor:

The benefits of shopping local, from city hall to local residents

Another Ely business is slated to close, one of the two dollar stores, to go along with the Ely Bowling Alley.

School needs to tap the brakes on superintendent search, building project

There was a special Ely school board meeting on Monday that brought a reason to tap the brakes on two major initiativ

David Wigdahl named winner of Chamber’s Jackpine Bob Cary Community Spirit Award

WINNER of the Ely Chamber of Commerce’s Jackpine Bob Cary Community Spirit Award was David Wigdahl.

Flood help no matter where

We are fortunate to live where major rivers don’t threaten our community.

Shopko announcement hurts Ely

Ely suffered another blow to the local economy when Shopko announced all stores would close in June.

Letter to Editor: ...Landwehr’s credibility as a nonpartisan regulator spilled into the Boundary Waters along with his principles

Letter to the Editor:

The sad state of ethnic diversity

No one growing up in the last generation in Ely would have ever dreamed it could happen. The vanishing of St.

Keep the light shining on government

By Doug Hanneman

Guest Editorial: Destroying Credibility 101

From the Mesabi Daily News

One year without reserved permits

The debacle that is the U.S.

Council dug its own grave

The Ely city council backed itself into a corner by begging a Tower newspaper to bid on printing the city legals.

Lottery, lottery, lottery, lottery, lottery

The message was loud and clear yet the Forest Service didn’t hear it.

Lake County an example why government should not operate broadband networks

by Annette Meeks, CEO of the Freedom Foundation of Minnesota -

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