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Birdshot and backlashes

The unending continuation of the seasons is an absorbing mystery.

Hook & bullet club - Lost and found pet

Imagine coming to northern Minnesota with your family pet and going home without it.

Walleye fishing picking up, rain pushes water levels higher

So you’ve got your Rapala trailing behind your boat, hoping to hook another walleye to fill out the stringer.

Birdshot and backlashes

It is sometimes amazing the stuff people pick up. Like names of things.

Hook and bullet club

Tauno Maki brought in a copy of a clipping from the Ely Fish Facts, a summer publication of the old Ely Miner newspap

Fishing turns red hot in Ely area, 12 lb. 10 oz. walleye registered here

You kind of just knew it was a matter of time before the fishing turned around and anglers started swamping registrat

Monster Basswood Lake northern pike filling up anglers’ landing nets

Basswood Lake is still the home of the state record northern pike and this week’s entries show the lake is still prod

Birdshot and backlashes

Peak time. Memorial Day weekend is usually one of the red hot fishing periods every summer.

The hook and bullet club

Even though the weather for the second weekend of the 2005 fishing season wasn’t perfect, Megan and I decided to try

Birdshot and backlashes

Governor Tim Pawlenty’s 2005 Minnesota Fishing Opener on Lake Vermilion, May 14, was the greatest ever held.

Hook and bullet club

I knew I wasn’t the only one. There were many unnamed anglers who sat out the 2005 Minnesota fishing opener.

The Opener was cold and snowy but fishing heating up in Ely now

The 2005 fishing opener was typical by Minnesota standards: cold, windy, rain and some snow and sleet thrown in for g

Birdshot and backlashes

It is probably too early in the season for invertebrates.

Hook and bullet club

As many of us head out onto the water to try our luck at bringing home a walleye dinner, many of us will be joined by

Ely area primed for opener

The governor will be down the road in Tower, trying his luck in Lake Vermilion.

Birdshot and backlashes

Next Saturday, when the walleye season opens and all you readers are out on the local lakes, this columnist will be o

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