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Hook and bullet club: No luck like a kid's luck

There is one thing the best fishermen can’t buy, rent, borrow, steal or imitate. Luck.

Big walleyes lead hit parade

High water levels and increasing water temperatures brought out some whopper walleyes in the Ely area.Leading the hit

Hook and bullet club offers fishing news

This weekend is the annual Ely Jaycee’s “Take a Kid Fishing” event.

Birdshot and backlashes: Being lost in the woods

It’s a big woods.

Water cold, weather heating up

With the sun finally appearing this past week, anglers are hoping water temps will rise and give fishing activity a j

Portage in style

Let us face it, canoe trips can be hard work!

Angling action picks up in windy weather

Fishing action in the Ely area picked up last week with windy weather and cooler days.

Hook and bullet club: Fishing and hitting 'em

An adult bald eagle was perched on a snag, watching us paddle into the wind, perhaps waiting to see if we would leave

Walleyes start slow, pike hot

Water temps below 50 degrees on many area lakes kept the walleye sluggish but made for some great northern pike fishi

Hook and bullet club gets skunked... or did they?

The opener. The most high pressure day of fishing most people will have all year.

Get ready, get set…FISH!

The 2004 Minnesota fishing season is finally upon us. The wait is over, it’s time to go fishing.

Hook and bullet club - Sharing fishing recipe

If you’ve been lucky enough to put some fish on the stringer, you know your work is not done.

Getting ready for fishing opener

Fishing opener is already upon us and we should have a great opener, weather permitting. So where you gonna go?

Hook and bullet club - anchoring the catch

Whenever a guy wants to tell you a fish story, you know you’re in for it.

Hook and bullet club

A photo we ran last week of a moose that had much of its fur rubbed off sparked the interest of Travis Raida.

Hook and bullet club - Eagles and "ghost" moose mysteries solved

Okay, it appears the eagle mystery is solved.

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