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Fishing red hot in Ely area

Pick a species and we’ve got some whoppers entered in the North Country Angler this week.

Birdshot and backlashes: Pocketing a couple books

Not everything involved with cold, windy and wet weather is bad.

Hook and bullet club: Choosing the big buck

Busted. Troy saw my column on the trail cameras and sent me his response.

Big walleyes on the hook

The weather has been a mystery for fishermen, from bright and sunny one day to cold and cloudy the next.

Trout decide it's time to eat

Brett Porthan said it was so windy on Basswood last weekend that he could only backtroll over a reef three times befo

Birdshot and backlashes

It is absolutely incredible the variety of phone calls and e-mails they get at the Chamber of Commerce.

Hook and bullet club - Deer surprise

Strange sightings in the woods usually go with the line, "Sure you did." But Phil Meier of Winton has the p

Hook and bullet club

The middle of June is not exactly prime time to be out scouting for your buck, but a new wave of technology has made

Fishing harder in windy weather

The weather continues to be a factor affecting fishing in the Ely area.

Birdshot and backlashes

The engineers are busy Those furry, big-toothed, dam builders that live along the shorelines.

Birdshot & backlashes

Good guides are busy people.

Hook and bullet club: Riding ATV trails

Getting out to ride ATVs is usually something we wait until the fall season to do.

Cool water temps affect fish

The water is still cold but the fishing is heating up in Ely area lakes.Water temperatures have been reported as low

Angler fish contest entries for the week

This Week’s EntriesWght Lake Angler’s Name RegistryNORTHERN PIKE11-14 Shagawa Marge Reinke, Phillips, WI Voyageur Nor

Birdshot and backlashes: Remembering old cane poles

Ely’s walleye pro, Jim Orcutt, competed at the In-Fisherman Professional Walleye Trail (PWT) contest a week ago at Ca

Hook and bullet club: No luck like a kid's luck

There is one thing the best fishermen can’t buy, rent, borrow, steal or imitate. Luck.

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