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Walleyes, bass come alive for fall

The secret to fall fishing might very well be trying new ways of angling.

Birdshot and backlashes - Fall is approaching

It’s caterpillar, mushroom and early bird hunting time.

Hook and bullet club - Grouse season coming

There are two things many outdoorsman pay attention to this time of year: the predictions in the Farmer’s Almanac and

Bass still hitting plus a 12 lb. walleye

Fishing for bass has been the hot ticket for anglers in the Ely area.

Birdshot and backlashes

If a journalist just pays attention to his mail, he will probably get better material to print than he can think up h

Hook and bullet club - Fishing Big Lake

The annual Ely-Winton Rod and Gun Club Hawg Fishing Contest puts us out on the water for a day of fishing with hopes

Except for bass, fishing slows down

You knew it had to happen sooner or later.

Birdshot and backlashes

So where is the Irish bobber-watching Olympic team?You didn’t know the Irish had a bobber watching team in the Olympi

Hook and bullet club - seasons changing

The cool nights give it away – fall is just around the corner.

Monster fish released in Ely area

It almost seems to good to be true.

Birdshot and backlashes - new owners at Shig-Wak Lodge

Where does one take grandkids fishing when they come to Ely for a visit?

Hook and bullet club - Kettle Falls trip

“I got a bite,” I said, watching my line moving through the water.

Cool weather good for crappies

Following what seemed like a monsoon season in the Ely area, fishing was picking up again after nearly four days of r

Hook and bullet club - Going fishin’

The fishing was good on Rainy Lake, it was the getting there that was difficult.Mike e-mailed me last week and asked

Catch and release catching on

Catch and Release fishing is catching on nicely in the Ely area and some real big fish were released in this week’s e

Birdshot and backlashes - Who are environmentalists?

There may not be much more entertaining theater than that which goes on with our natural resources.

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