Silent majority responds to rumor

As close as they sat to each other, the two sides of the mining debate were still miles apart Tuesday night. The folding chairs at the Town of Morse annual meeting held a diverse group of Elyites, but neither side lit the fuse of debate over mining and Ely’s future.
Voter turnout in Morse was up 500 percent from last March when a supervisor seat was again the only choice to be made on the ballot.
Rumors had flown around town of a write-in campaign being launched at the last minute by a leader of the anti-mining crowd.
Instead of 30 voters filing in over the eight-hour polling period, additional ballots had to be made as the total nearly reached 150.
When the votes were counted, the rumor was dismissed and the sitting supervisor received 147 of the 148 votes cast. The only write-in vote went to a current supervisor who was not up for election.


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