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LETTER: … with some of the greatest achievements man has accomplished

Dear Editor,
This undoubtedly will go down in history to be one of the most unusual years in history.

EDITORIAL City took good steps with short-term rental ordinance

Good things come to those who wait.

Editorial: Survey says: Parents want their kids learning in a classroom

The results of the survey were staggering.

LETTER: …thank the Timberwolves football team

Dear Editor,

Echo Editorial: For school learning models, one sizes does not, should not fit all

Students and parents could breathe a sigh of relief Monday as word came out that the Ely School District would stay t

LETTER:…for bringing the issue to our attention


LETTER: …the cult-like following of the President by ordinarily sensible people

Dear Editor:

EDITORIAL: Personal responsibility needs to be part of the BWCA experience

Last week we reported on three rescues, two in the BWCA, where people apparently didn’t realize winter can arrive in

EDITORIAL: A vote for newspapers is a vote for democracy

by Tom Silvestri
The Relevance Project
Newspapers face another big election.

EDITORIAL: Lights are back on for HS sports

The lights are back on at Ely School Stadium.

Letter: …they just increase their budget

Dear Editor:

Letter: …Which is it Walz? Stay home or travel

Dear Editor:

EDITORIAL: ATV trails: The dawn of a new era in Ely’s tourism economy

The future is finally here for Ely’s tourism economy as ATV trails were filled with riders for a state convention thi

EDITORIAL: Eight years of wasted government spending over catching minnows

If you’re looking for wasteful government spending, check out the story of the feds spending eight years to charge th

EDITORIAL Mayors’ endorsement puts Range in limelight

It’s not everyday that Ely and Babbitt make national news.

Guest Editorial: Dane: Loggers want to build families where they were raised

(Wednesday night during the Republican National Convention, Minnesota’s Scott Dane, the Executive Director of the Ass

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